The Tree Play

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees...

So I am extremely grateful to these generous contributors for helping fund The Tree Play:

Pam Anson and Paul Norton
Kati and Michael Berman
Jim and Ginger Bernhard
Cathy Bradley
Christian Dauer
Lisa Diamond and Kevin Holohan
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron L. Dillard
Doug Elenz
Paul Foldi
Pam and Phil Friday
Mary Furse and Bill and Mae McMillan
Harvey and Kathleen Guion
Lisa Holton and Lee Kyle
Patrick Lopez
Greg and Mari Marchbanks
Larry McGonigal
Mary and David Nancarrow
Jane and Peter Polgar
Jill Polgar
Jude and Bobby Provasoli
Phil and Angie Schafer
and special thanks to Mark and Christie Wilson

Please Give a Warm Round of Applause to These Amazing People

Many thanks to the artists, friends and family who have lent a hand (a limb?) to this effort:

Behind the Scenes
Ken Webster, Tammy Whitehead, Hyde Park Theatre, Elizabeth Colvin, Foundation Communities, Anne Hulsman, Patti Neff-Tiven, Lisa Scheps, Joe Carpenter, Steve Wolf, Jacob Etter, Robert Faires, John Aielli, Taylor Wallace, Mackenzie Price, Shannon Grounds, Jessica Kroeze, Justin Wetz, Ron Berry, Richard Isackes, Rob Matney, The Expedition School, in.gredients, Mary Moody Northen Theatre, KUTX, KOOP

Workshop Participants (April/May 2015)
Bird Caviel, Blake Robbins, Jonathan Salazar, Huck Huckaby, John Grewell, Chasity Gibson, Corinne Oh, Nathan Porteshawver, Toni Baum, April Perez Moore, Sarah Becker, Lori Navarette, Megan Thornton, Melba Martinez, Katie Kohler, Tiana Stuart, Lindsay Scarborough, Laura Bond Williams, Laura Galt, Douglas Finer

First Reading (September 2013)
Brad Carlin, David Stokey, Jarrett King, Matt Patterson, Kathy Catmull, Harvey Guion, Nathan Brockett, Robin Grace Thompson, Sophia Franzella

And all the way down by the roots . . . I couldn't do this without the love, help and (extraordinary) patience of Shel, Ari, Kait and Didi!