The Tree Play

By Robi Polgar

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The Cast of The Tree Play

After five weeks of workshops, choreographer Toni Bravo and director Robi Polgar are delighted to announce the ensemble for The Tree Play. This exceptional group of artists were put through their paces and did everything asked of them with grace and courage, trust and sincerity. Now the real work starts! We can't wait. 

The Tree: Susan Peterson, Bird Caviel, Blake Robbins
Girl: April Perez
Father: Kevin Gates
Boy: Jonathan Salazar
Journalist: Huck Huckaby
Logger: Nathan Porteshawver
Hunter: John Grewell
Forest Chorus: Toni Baum, Chasity Gibson, Corinne Oh (and members of the ensemble)

Creative Team

In case you were unaware of the depth of talent among the folks behind the scenes, have a gander at this list of Who's Who among Austin's elite creatives:

Choreographer: Toni Bravo
Set Design: Ia Enstera
Costume Design: Buffy Manners
Lighting Design: Jennifer Rogers
Sound/Projections: Lowell Bartholomee
Dramaturg: Michelle Polgar
Director: Robi Polgar

The Tree Play opens August 6, 2015 at the Ground Floor Theatre.
979 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702 (map)
FIVE PERFORMANCES ONLY August 6 - 8: Thursday, Friday (7:30pm, 9pm) and Saturday (7:30pm, 9pm).

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