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Words, Words, Words... some damned Dane once put it. Welcome to Mr. P’s world of prose and perhaps a little poetry. The mighty item of the day is the impending publication of my first novel, Death Is a Laff Riot, an introduction to which is immediately below this blurb. From there you can read the opening chapter, learn about the world of the story and, most important, buy your own copy of the book and sing its praises to the world (should you wish).

Below that bit of novel hype is a list of blog posts that might warrant a read. And if you would like to be among the first to learn about new writings (or when that soccer noir finally gets published, please click the link below to join the mailing list.

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Death Is a Laff Riot, a soccer noir by Robi Polgar

Death Is a Laff Riot

A Paul Stark Soccer Noir

When the disemboweled remains of Giggleswick’s goalkeeper are discovered on a west Yorkshire playing field, Paul Stark gets a call from an old rival: Come take the dead man’s place on the team...

Death Is a Laff Riot is a soccer noir, brimming with action, comedy, romance and not a little magic in this sporting, historical fiction murder mystery. The story is set in the lower echelons of non-League English football in the late 1970s and draws on the culture, sports and politics of that era. Astute readers might recognize a whiff of Arthurian legend, and who wouldn’t want to spend nights listening to a pub jukebox that knows exactly which Frank Sinatra song best fits the mood?

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Other Writings

This writing page appears a bit threadbare, despite the Big Writing above. So here is a handful of highlights from the Robbledegook blog to tide you over while the next Big Writing gets written:

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