Robi Polgar: Writing Samples

This Web page includes writing samples from the following endeavors:

  • Writing in support of independent projects for the theatre (publicity, background information)
  • Journalism: arts reviews and features for The Austin Chronicle
  • Advertising/marketing agency work over a 15-year period:
    • Copywriting for websites, ghost writing for thought leadership blog posts, PR/press releases and case studies
    • Note that I was employed as a copy editor for the duration, overseeing quality control and adherence to style for a wide variety of clients
  • Song writing (why is songwriting appropriate? Often songs are written under tight deadlines: Inspiration hits (or a request is made) and the songwriter must craft a song quickly to satisfy the need. The subject for this particular song was suggested at a performance on Saturday night, crafted over the rest of the weekend and the attached demo recorded later the following week.

Independent Creative Projects

I've penned plays, manuscripts for novels, poems, songs, blog posts and more. Most recently I wrote, produced and directed The Tree Play. Here are some samples of the writing I did to support the theatre project.

The Austin Chronicle

Arts Reviews
Selections from 10+ years as a contributing writer.

Arts Features
In addition to writing reviews were the occasional feature stories.

Other Writing (Agency)

Website Copywriting

Comerica Bank
This second-level page is typical of what I worked on, taking client input documents and crafting copy that adhered to client style guides and legal restrictions.

Note the Comerica website has undergone revisions since I last worked on it; these pages are similar to the writing I did, but not necessarily that writing itself.

"The world's leading engineering software provider to the plant, power and marine industries for over 45 years."

Note this website has undergone changes since I worked on it, but much of the copy is either the same or similar to what I helped craft when AVEVA was an nFusion client.

Alchemy Systems
"From farm to fork, Alchemy works with food growers, manufacturers, processors, packagers, distributors, and retailers of all sizes to build a culture of operational excellence."

Other copywriting jobs for agency clients (websites, mostly)

  • BJ's Restaurants
  • Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
  • Seton Behavioral Health Services
  • Comerica Bank
  • La Madeleine
Note that many of these websites have since been updated and/or rewritten.

nFusion Press Releases

Ghost writing for agency blog (includes copy editing and cleanup of authors' posts)

Case Studies (agency)
While at nFusion I was responsible for writing and man-handling case studies for select work over a 10-year period.

Song Writing

In Front of the Crowd is a song written after a band member, while bantering with the audience, suggested the song I should write next would be about gun control. Challenged to come up with a song quickly, I wrote this in following 24 hours. Click the blue song title link for lyrics and the arrow to listen to the demo track.