Robi Polgar: Singer-Songwriter, Musician; Austin, TX; photo by M. Arthur

I always have a song inside me. I don’t mean the ones I write. I mean I can hear music playing in my head all the time, and there’s no way to turn it off. This could drive lesser mortals mad, but I’ve survived and tap into this never-ending inner soundscape to fuel my First Friday residency at the Butterfly Bar (see below), as well as two arse-kicking bands: The Late Joys and The Study Session.

My musical stylings owe a lot to the sounds of various British Invasions — from the 1960s to the post-punk era — acts like the Beatles, the Kinks, Pink Floyd, Elvis Costello, The Jam, Billy Bragg, Squeeze, Pretenders, Blondie and The Clash, as well as melodic American acts like REM, X, Phil Ochs and Simon and Garfunkel, with a hint of The Replacements thrown in somewhere, sloppily!

I write songs that range in subject matter from social justice, liberty and equality to matters of life and death and, yes, I dare utter it, love.

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[ samizdat-001 ] Thug Nation
Songs from the Resistance

The Study Session put out this EP in defiance/anticipation of the regime’s crackdown on dissent, constitutional freedoms and the truth itself. Check out [ samizdat-001 ] Thug Nation, Songs from the Resistance.

Stream, download or purchase the CD on Bandcamp.

Read more about the [ samizdat ] project here.

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First Friday Happy Hours @ the Butterfly Bar

You can find me strumming and warbling in the yard at the Vortex on the First Friday of the month, playing songs new and old, originals and covers. Sometimes I drag a friend or two up there to play with me.

When: First Friday Happy Hour: 6pm – 8pm
See the list of upcoming shows below for dates

Where: The Yard at the Vortex/Butterfly Bar
2307 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78722 [ map ]

All ages, no cover

Are you sitting at the Butterfly Bar right now?

CLICK HERE to order a song from my Song Menu and I’ll play it for you, live, now, right before your very ears!

A bearded minstrel, spinning sonic yarns

Upcoming Shows

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Stream, Download and Share Songs

Here, a sampling of songs new and old, performed solo or with musical accomplices Kelly J. Rath (The Study Session) and Brit-Pop arse-kickers, The Late Joys.

Idle Infatuation

This one is from wayyyy back in the ’90s, a flirty and hopeful little bit of romance. This is a meatier mix than the one I submitted for the 2019 NPR tiny desk concert competition; that version has an iPhone-captured video and an explanation for the sleeping doggie.

Once Upon A Times and You Won’t Know Me

These two are demos I made as we prepped for January 2019’s Return to Wigan Pier: A Right Ol’ Knees-Up, our (brief) return to Wigan Pier in song, script and film.

“Once Upon A Times” is the show opener, a quick introduction to the world of Wigan, England circa 1938. “You Won’t Know Me” paints a picture of the miners (and their lives) left behind.

Black and White

“...a song of defiance in the face of the ’Swift-boating’ of truth, happiness and the American way, penned during the summer of 2004, which, when you consider it, runs an ugly parallel to what is going on now, where a well-honed, well-funded right-wing propaganda machine props up another dubious (perhaps illegitimate) regime.”
Read more about the making of “Black and White” on the Robbledegook blog, lyrics too!

Bloody Little Numbers Game

I stepped down from the soapbox for this little, uh, “number,” and muse instead on the mathematics of love. While I never found a way to force “zero sum game” into the lyrics, as a (lengthy) metaphor, I think this song still foots. Click the cookie Robi to read the lyrics and a little deeper background.

Infinite Kiss

An older, Beatles-esque tune on the subject of unexpected romance. Click the cookie Robi to read the lyrics and a little deeper background.

The Wal-Mart Song (Hate, Lies and Fear)

This song sprang to life as a response to the rise of the Tea Party movement as it stomped around the periphery of democracy, toting its guns and racking up hypocrisy after hypocrisy... Click the cookie Robi to read the lyrics and a little deeper background.

Summer Holiday

I penned this roiling sequel to “Thug Nation” in June 2018. Families torn apart at the border, asylum seekers denied and (harshest question to swallow) where are the children? Click the cookie Robi to read the lyrics.

[ samizdat-001 ] Thug Nation (rel. 2017)

Songs of the resistance — songs of dissent, songs of hope. This is the five-song EP released summer 2017, in response to the catastrophe that is our current political situation.

Haymarket Rain

A true story of a love unrequited. A killer crush, derailed by the 17:48 outta Waverley Station...

She Doesn’t Care About You — The Study Session

A Couple of Late Joys EPs

Everybody’s Going Away (2009)

A Pretty Little One (2008)

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Book Robi to Play at Your Next Event!

Do you have an upcoming event you’d like to spice up with a little live music? I’ll come to you and play your living room, your back yard, your driveway — heck, I may even twist by the pool. I’ve got the songs, the banter and all the gear required to add a dash of “Live Music Capital of the World” to your party.

CLICK HERE for information on how to book me to play your next fete.

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Robi’s Online Song Menu (Request a Song)

Are you planning to attend an upcoming show? (Are you at one right now?) Try ordering a song from my extensive song menu. It’s easy:

(1) Browse the menu (see the link below)
(2) Pick a song or two
(3) Text or tweet me
(4) I’ll play it for you!

Choose from American college radio hits of 1980s to UK punk and pop to older classics from both sides of the pond and more!

CLICK HERE to order a song from my Song Menu.

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Tip Jar

It’s hard to express the overwhelming gratitude I feel when someone drops their hard-earned cash in the tip bucket just for me standing up there and singing handfuls of my favorite songs.

That said, if you feel like “tipping the band” and are short on cash (or cash-resistant), here are a couple of ways you can drop some money in my tip jar electronically.

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Thank you!

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